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Based on the Novel "Push" by Sapphire
DVD - 2010
Your Plus-size Pregnancy
The Ultimate Guide for the Full-figured Expectant Mom
Book - 2005
Nothing to Lose
A Guide to Sane Living in A Larger Body
Book - 1995
Life Is Not A Dress Size
Rita Farro's Guide to Attitude, Style, and A New You
Book - 1996
Sewing for Plus Sizes
Design, Fit, and Construction for Ample Apparel
Book - 1999
Read My Hips
How I Learned to Love My Body, Ditch Dieting, and Live Large
Book - 2011
Operation Beautiful
Transforming Yourself One Post-it Note at A Time
Book - 2010
Do I Look Fat in This?
Get Over your Body and on With your Life
Book - 2006
Good Girls Don't Get Fat
How Weight Obsession Is Screwing up Our Girls and What We Can Do to Help Them Thrive Despite It
Book - 2010
Knitting Plus
Mastering Fit + Plus-size Style + 15 Projects
Book - 2011
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