Torment Saint
Torment Saint The Life of Elliott Smith By Schultz, William Todd Book - 2013

"I don't have you with me but I keep a good attitude."
Second biography of the late Elliott Smith, following Benjamin Nugent's "Elliott Smith and the Big Nothing." For fans of Smith, neither are wholly satisfactory. This book was written by a psychology professor, who spends a lot of time (too much time) rattling around in Smith's psyche to find the source of his depression. Possibly the best feature of the book is that it spends a good chunk of time on his pre-fame years when he was playing in various Portland bands, notably Heatmiser. Schultz is clearly a fan, which sometimes gets in the way of his writing. I would've liked more about the influential and impressive afterlife of Smith's music.
Also check out the documentary "Heaven Adores You."

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