The Sentinel
The Sentinel A Jack Reacher Novel By Child, Lee eBook - 2020

I think it was 353 pages and could have been done in 200 or less. Blah blah blah. Definitely not like any other Reacher books I've read.

If Lee Child is retired, then retire him. James Patterson's books are bad now. Robert Parkers (legal author that took over) books aren't any good.

The original authors could write. These co-written books aren't very good. I am truly glad I'm able to read them on the public library loan program instead of having to purchase them.

1 reviewer said too many loose ends at the end. And that's right. What happened to the good cop? What happened to the bad one? Did anyone survive? (Ok, just to add suspense).

Read the book if you can borrow it - don't spend any money on it.

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