The Sentinel
The Sentinel A Jack Reacher Novel By Child, Lee and Child, Andrew eBook - 2020

This is a very poor effort indeed , from Lee Child, if he even wrote this. I suspect that it was mostly written by his brother Andrew, and what a poor writer he is. This is NOT Jack Reacher. The book is full of badly written chapters, poor English, incomplete sentences , or sentences without verbs, or even one-word as a sentence. Stuff that would cause you be flunked from any high-school English course. I had a struggle to finish it.
I have read all of the JR series , most of them more than once. If this is what Lee Child (or his brother) intends to offer up in future, then I likely won't be reading too many more. Child must be getting paid just to lend his name to this. Shame on Lee Child for putting his name on this travesty.

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