Sleep No More
Sleep No More Six Murderous Tales By James, P. D. Book - 2017

Sleep No More is well named; I was kept up at night thinking about the twists and meanings behind the mysterious stories. My favourite of the six tales was "the Yo-Yo" because it captures the theme of justice, or injustice rather, through a feeling lf dread when the murderer escapes the grasp of the law. It was an interesting read and had an unexpected resolution. As a whole, Sleep No More was beautifully written with complex vocabulary and very creative characters and scenarios, with incredible twists and sinister crimes that made my stomach flip. It was interesting to read about the darkest aspects of human nature and what might drive one to kill another. I think PD James is a fantastic mystery author. Their ability to establish atmosphere and complicated characters is almost as good as the storytelling and twist endings. Rating: 5/5
@outdoorsman14 of The Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

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