What, you never been called by a headhunter before?
-Don't you know that's why they call this place "the departure lounge"? I'm the only sucker who's been here more than a decade.
-So why do you stay?
Uh... Well, it ain't for the paycheck.
You know as well as I do social media has overtaken the world. There's Facebook, there's Instagram,
there's Snapchat, there's Twitter... and if you are anything like me... privacy is the most important thing.
Knowing that nobody can get that information about you. That's the word. Security and safety.
John, I just don't want to make the wrong move here.
-Well, that sounds like fear. And that's not the same thing as instinct. You know why this business is a young person's game? It's the lack of doubt.
So you think I should keep it going?
-I'm not gonna tell you what to do, Naomi. But if the numbers check out, then it sounds like... what we're talking about is a rumor here. And rumors, they're the wild card. You can't control them. ...

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