Suits Season 4 DVD - 2015

The ending of Suits season 3 revealed that mike wasn’t going to be working at Pearson Spector anymore, because of Louis finding out that Mike never went to law school. Mike will be working as an investment banker, with Jonathan Sidwell. Season 4 of suits is much different in comparison to the previous seasons. Even though Mike is a client of Harvey’s the dynamic of their relationship will change because they are no longer fighting cases together. You will also get to see the power duo on opposing sides, which is somewhat different to see. The idea of Mike not being a lawyer might confuse you but don’t worry you get used to the change after a while. We see Jessica Pearson in a relationship, which is rare! We also finally get to see Rachel as an associate, even though she is going to Columbia not Harvard. Season 4 introduces new characters such as Logan Sanders, Sean Cahill, Charles Forstman, Walter Gillis and Amy. Logan Sanders is a businessman who was the married man that Rachel had an affair with. Sean Cahill is a guy who works for the SEC and is going after Harvey and mike for collusion. Charles Forstaman is a businessman who has a personal vendetta against Harvey. Walter Gillis is a businessman who owns Gillis industries. Amy is Mike’s Secretary at Sidwell investments. Season 4 brings romance, conflict and excitement.
I loved Season 4 because it was different from the other seasons. It wasn’t the same repetitive show, it allowed the actors to play different characters and for the viewers to be interested in the show again.

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