Legacy The Greatest Hits Collection By Boyz II Men (Musical group) Music CD - 2001

When I was in elementary school, an hip-hop dancer was invited to our school to teach the students how to hip-hop dance. That was my very first time knowing and learning about the famous boy band, Boyz II Men. We used one of their songs, "Good Guy" (unfortunately, not in this album) to practice the simple dance moves. That song has a nice beat and perfect for beginners who have little to no experience of hip-hop dancing. It was also the same time when I started to enjoy hip-hop music.

Most of their songs are romantic, sweet, and meaningful.
My favourite ones from this album are as follows:

It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday
End of the road
I'll make love to you
On bended knee
One sweet day (with Mariah Carey)

If you are into some classic, romantic/hip-hop/pop songs, then this album will be the perfect one for you!!!

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