The level of research and educational material on the history of the Gospels of the Bible and the apocryphal books was, truly, breathtaking. It was not anything that was done or completed in 1 conversation or by reading 1 boring scholarly book but was dozens of long lecture-like conversations and large portions of hundreds of truly the worst of the most boring scholarly works.

At least his sleep was improved by all of this horrible reading!!

But this lead to such a complete, comprehensive exposition on the Gospels as a part of the plot, and as a part of my life as a Christian and religious educator, this made the book far more meaningful. The discussion about the Bible was, up to the final point, accurate, correct, and reliable. I encourage all to read that repeatedly.

And the rest? Just kick back and enjoy!! I do miss that there were no great works of art described in this book, nor were any great cities described as we traveled with Gabriel.
This I missed.

If life is a book, then those who don't travel see only a page. (St Augustine)

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