Oprah A Biography By Kelley, Kitty Book - 2010

Interesting, also pretty catty in a backhanded way. This is the first book by Kitty Kelley I've ever read, so I don't know how truthful she is, although she at least makes it sound like she's done her research. I don't find it surprising that Oprah had overwhelming ambition from the start, or even that she may have altered facts about her childhood to fit her public-image needs as an adult. I was surprised by the overwhelming amount of control over her staff and guests with privacy contracts etc., and even how she prevented her father from writing his book. It does make you wonder why she wants/ needs this control. However, even if all the facts are true, I think this fails as a biography because we never get a sense of who Oprah is, her motivations, what makes her tick, who she is as a person. Instead it seems like an accumulation of facts written in a way (for the most part) to make Oprah look as bad as possible. I am not a huge Oprah fan, but you have to admire her at the least for becoming one of, if not the most influential woman in America. Even an analytical account of how she got to where she is today and why would have been more interesting. I will not waste my time with anything else Kitty Kelley has written.

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