Grown-ups have no right to cheat kids just because they are older than them.
That is the message in Griffin Bing’s mind as he plans to steal back a baseball card recovered from the demolition zone, then sold to the granddaddy of all conmen, swindlers, and frauds everywhere. Cheated out of a million-dollar card, Griffin rounds up his friends for a good old-fashioned heist that will leave S. Wendell ripping up his hair. And with his family struggling to keep their house and Griffin’s dad trying to make a mark in the world with his incredible invention, he is desperate for the money. Luckily for Griffin, the only obstacles are huge fences with lots of keep out signs, military level security systems and one very mean dog. For all those who do not mind falling off their bed because they didn’t bother looking up from the book, this is a perfect read.
- @KingofTales30 of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

Swindle is an interesting read for middle/elementary school-aged readers. Griffin Bing and his sidekick Ben plan a sleepover in a haunted house with their grade to stand up to the adults and show them that “kids’ opinions matter”. But when nobody else shows up, they choose to stay the night anyways. Griffin goes exploring, and he finds a Babe Ruth baseball card. However, when he goes to the town pawn shop to see how much he can get for it, he gets fooled thinking it isn’t valuable! He absolutely needs that card back, and decides he’d do anything for it. How does he get it back? It is most certainly an adventure. No mature content, a couple funny lines and a thirty pound turkey. There were a plethora of different kinds of characters, showing diverse skills and personalities, plus Griffin is easy to relate to. A nice easy read for whenever. I’d recommend it.
- @tacoboutbooks of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

I read this book as a kid and I just loved it, it was super unique and creative and so cute. It was also really clever, which is always fun for a kid to read. I highkey would recommend it because it’s just super cute and also funny. A classic tbh. Pls go read it if you’re a kid or if you missed out. I loved this book very much.
- @SecretBlossom of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

Swindled. That’s what happened to Griffin when he sold a million-dollar baseball card he found to a local collectables store for 60 dollars. So, he does the only logical thing. He assembles a team of teenagers to successfully avoid modern day security and break into his house to steal the card back! The book ‘Swindle’ is hard to fit into a category, not really adventure, not really action, not really mystery, just a strange mix of all of them. It, while having a very unrealistic premise, is interesting, and does keep people interested if only to find out what eventually happens(which might I add is not what you expect!). The characters all change and develop into a team as the story progresses, which is interesting to see how Gordon Korman does so, but, in my humble opinion, is done well. Overall, an interesting mix of genres blend into this strange, but good combination in this book, and the characters greatly enhance the book by all being very unique and well developed. The book does not end how you expect it, right up until the end. Why don’t you try reading it and finding out..? I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys mysteries. 4/5. @Xeno of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board

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