When two best friends, Griffin Bing and Ben Slovak, spend the night in an old abandoned house that is set to be demolished the next day, Griffin explores part of the house while Ben sleeps. While exploring the house, Griffin finds an old desk, and begins to look through it's contents and finds an old Babe Ruth baseball card. The next day Ben and Griffin rush to a dealer's shop, and talk to the owner, S. Wendell Palomino, and he says it's a copy, not worth much. The boys, bummed, sell it to him for $120 and walk out. They later realize that they were swindled out of the card! It's true value was a million dollars, and the boys want it back. They form a team of 6.
Melissa Dukakis- Computer expert.
Savannah Drysdale- Animal expert.
Pitch Benson- Climber.
Logan Kellerman- Actor.
Ben Slovak- Tight spaces specialist.
Griffin Bing- Planner.
They set to work planning on stealing the card, only to realize it was transferred from the shop to Swindle's house, and they form an elaborate plan to break in and steal the card back. Logan is to distract the old neighbor across the street who is always on the look out for suspicious behavior.
Savannah is to keep the big Doberman, known as Luthor, under control.
Pitch is to get the team in and out through the skylight in the upstairs bathroom.
Melissa is to disarm the security system and get the whole team in without triggering anything.
Griffin is still planner, and leader of the team. If something goes south, he'll fix it.
Ben is there as a lookout.
The day before the break-in, the school bully, Darren Vader, confronts them and threatens to rat them out unless he can get in on the action. The team has no choice but to let him come, or else risk the whole plan being compromised.

When they break into the house, they search and find the card, but Luthor starts to get really worried, and as they go downstairs, they realize it's because of a massive other dog, whose bigger, badder, and meaner than Luthor. Suddenly the dog starts barking, and alerts the old neighbor, and he calls the cops. The team scrambles to get out, but the card is blown into the wind, and gets lodged really high in a tree. Griffin, luckily, had brought his father's invention and uses it to get the card before Darren could get it and run off with it.
Later the whole break-in plot is discovered and the kids are under investigation. Griffin and the rest of the team are let off with a warning, but they aren't able to keep the card because there was a relative of the house who was given it. She then sells it and gives all the money to her grandson, Darren Vader. But his parents decide to put all the money towards collage funds.

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