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The third entry of five, Anne Perry’s World War I series continues the saga that centers around the honorable Reavley family and their distressing search for the "Peacemaker," a shadowy figure responsible for their parents' murders two years earlier. Joseph Reavley is a Cambridge professor and chaplain; Matthew, an officer in England’s Secret Intelligence Service; Judith an ambulance driver at the front; and Hannah, who is married to a naval officer and mother of four children.
While the series opens during the beginning of World War I, the saga continues here in 1916, where Judith is fighting Germans as she transports casualties in the brutal cold from Ypres, Joseph is now at the front as a captain-chaplain, and Matthew is in London fighting the war covertly from London. Hannah seems safe living with her children at home; there is a sequestered lab in the Cambridge shire area developing a secret weapon that could end the war.
A masterpiece with its element of mystery as Perry explores some difficult life questions through her varied characters. I would recommend it for both men and women.

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