First, Break All the Rules
First, Break All the Rules What the World's Greatest Managers Do Differently By Buckingham, Marcus Book - 1999

This was another book that I read for class, and ended up really enjoying! Seriously! So now the question: did Dr. Chow manage to be the first professor ever to assign good, relevant texts to his students, or am I that nerdy? lol (I'm betting on the former.)

This is a great narrative, explaining a lengthy and in-depth study done of the world's greatest managers of corporations. There is so much good advice in this book. The crux of the book is the "12 Questions." Dr. Chow kept coming back to these over and over again in class, and I used them to jump-start conversations with several members of leadership at my library. I honestly believe that this book helped land me the job I now hold! I used this book as the basis for a conversation with an Associate Director, and then I was offered an interview! (And I got the job eventually. :) ) These magical 12 questions really make you think about your job, in a good way. Even if you can't answer yes to the questions right now, the book gives advice on how you can get there eventually. And you don't have to want to be a manager; this book gives solid advice for succeeding at any level in your organization.

Another selling point? The book is written in laymen's terms, without a lot of business buzzwords. It's totally accessible to anyone and everyone. The pace is fast enough to keep you engaged without boredom. A "business management" book I'd recommend to nearly anyone!

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