Senior Young Reader's Choice Award

Awarded annually by the Pacific Northwest Library Association for best books, as selected by senior students in the U.S. and Canada.

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Book Novel, 2013
Nominees: Han Nolan
When the Cherry Blossoms Fell
eBook - 2009 Novel, 2012
Nominees: Jennifer Maruno
The Hunger Games
Book - 2009 Novel, 2011
Nominees: Suzanne Collins
Available in some locations
City of Bones
Book - 2007 Novel, 2010
Nominees: Cassandra Clare
All copies in use. Availability details
New Moon
Book - 2006 Novel, 2009
Nominees: Stephenie Meyer
Available in some locations
Anansi Boys
Book - 2005 Novel, 2008
Nominees: Neil Gaiman
Available in some locations
A Hat Full of Sky
eBook - 2005 Novel, 2007
Nominees: Terry Pratchett
Not Currently Available.Holds: 0 on 1 Copy
Fat Kid Rules the World
Fat Kid Rules the World
Fat Kid Rules the World
Book Novel, 2006
Nominees: K.L. Going
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
eBook - 2001 Novel, 2004
Nominees: Ann Brashares
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